Skate Friendly PDX is all about promoting skateboarding in the City of Portland and helping to raise awareness for the legalities of skating in the city. Portland is the only city in the U.S. that allows skateboarding the in streets and we are proud of it! Skate Friendly PDX has designed a skate map to help skaters know where they can and can’t skate in the city. The map also features locations for skateparks and skate shops throughout town.


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  1. My name is Chris Bailey. I own a skateshop in Coulmbia, MO http://www.parksideskateboards.com/ . I am in the process of trying to legalize skateboarding as an environmentally friendly, active mode of transportation in my town. Check out my petition at http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/LegalizeSkateboardingCOMO/. The city council here realizes that Portland legalized skateboarding as transportation. What they dont know and are interested in is how it is going? They are interested in some sorta of feedback of how the new laws are taking to citizens in the city. Is there some sorta survey I could get my hands on or someone I could speak with about this matter?

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